Our approach to compliance and safety in the transport industry

Carter Heavy Haulage

Carter Heavy Haulage has an unwavering commitment to compliance and safety in the transport industry. It is at the core of everything we do. 

What are the risks to transport industry workers?

According to SafeWork Australia, there have been significant reductions in the number and rate of injuries and fatalities in our industry over the past decade. However, vehicle accidents, driver fatigue, and manual handling remain the key areas of risk to health and safety. 

How do we manage these risks?

Since day one, our priority has been serving our clients, while taking care of our team. Our team proactively identifies risks and potential hazards and follows a clear reporting process – ensuring that we aren’t just verbally making a note of them, but actively implementing measures to avoid a hazard becoming an incident. 

By taking a proactive approach to safety, we have been able to deliver on our promise of transporting equipment successfully, and getting our team home to their families each night.

Our Safety Management System

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We developed and implemented an award-winning comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) in 2015. With the continued growth and development of the business our safety management system continues to evolve to cover all aspects of the businesses operations.

The SMS comprises a WHS Management Manual, Employee Safety Handbook and all supporting forms and tools such as Risk Assessments, Safe Work Method Statements, Hazard and Incident Reporting and Investigation Tools, Communication and Consultation and Plant and Equipment Maintenance and Repair.

The System ensures all hazards and risks associated with operating in the transport industry are known, controlled and implemented in the Hierarchy of Controls. Our SMS not only meets but exceeds legislative and regulatory requirements and Australian Standards and Codes of Practice and incorporates industry best practice trends.

Our system is regularly audited, and we are proud to say that after having undergone several reviews, no major non-conformances were identified. Our system is monitored and reviewed by the Company’s Compliance Manager whose responsibility is to develop and implement policies and procedures.

They also review work practices to ensure all requirements are met and that the company’s operations are compliant with Work Health and Safety and Heavy Vehicle National Laws.

Continuous monitoring

Our commitment to maintaining compliance and safety in the transport industry evolved further with the introduction of electronic monitoring systems in 2017. In-fleet telematics provide us with “real time” monitoring of vehicle movements and driver behaviour. This helps manage and meet our WHS obligations and our obligations under the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislative and regulatory requirements. 

Through these systems we monitor and manage worker fatigue, safe driving practices and even schedule plant and equipment maintenance requirements. We run monthly reports on various activities to ensure that our operations are compliant to WHS and CoR, and provide this information to our clients for their peace of mind. 

The in-fleet electronic system allows our workers to access WHS information, forms and tools while they are in the field. This includes the Employee Safety Handbook, Incident and Hazard Reporting Forms, Safe Work Method Statements and Safe Operating Procedures, Hazardous Chemical and Dangerous Goods Safety Data Sheets, and any other relevant WHS information that they may require on the job.

Safety and compliance while on the road

According to Safe Work Australia, 92 per cent of road transport fatalities occur in the road freight transport industry each year. This is unacceptable, and we take our responsibility in this area seriously.

Our SMS incorporates a specific section outlining procedures required when operating our vehicles and driving on the road. It includes basic driving procedures such as seat belts, following distances, procedures for overtaking and being overtaken, tailgating, right of way, parking, reversing, turning signals, progressive shifting and on route tyre and load checks.

Our system also includes specific policies and procedures on speed management, loading and unloading, load restraints, communications, and general driver behaviour.

Our Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Policy also complies with the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Chain of Responsibility requirements. Manual Handling is also incorporated into our SMS, and our workers are trained in correct manual handling procedures – specific to the types of tasks they undertake. We provide lifting equipment and aids, with training undertaken before use.

Our electronic platforms allow us to monitor and manage any non-conformances. Our compliance officer is immediately alerted and contact made with the individual driver to determine the circumstances and the appropriate corrective action. Reports of all hazards and incidents are shared during toolbox meetings so we can learn from others’ experiences. 

A safety record we are proud of

Management conducts regular safety observations, worker competency assessments, training and instruction on an ongoing basis. We do this to ensure the risk of injury, illness or harm to our workers, clients and the general public is as low as practicable. Our ‘people-centred’ approach to business is our lifeblood. We are proud Carter has not had any lost time or medical time incidents from exposure to operational risks. 

We’re also proud to maintain safety, environment and quality management systems that exceed the requirements of legislation, regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards. By making safety a priority in all of our processes, we have been able to establish ourselves as a reliable, and efficient source of transportation and logistics services in the Hunter. 

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