Carter Heavy Haulage and Transport commits to industry-leading safety in the Hunter

Carter Heavy Haulage

When it comes to safety in the workplace, Carter Heavy Haulage and Transport (CHHT) believes in going above and beyond industry requirements. 

Our team provides leading end-to-end transport and logistics solutions to meet our customer and client’s requirements. Without dedication and passion for ensuring our services operate in a safe, reliable and professional manner and our vehicles are maintained to an optimum level, our business wouldn’t be where it is today. Safety is paramount to our business and we make sure that is reflected in all we do. 

Driving for success as a Hunter Safety Awards finalist

Our dedication to meeting all our compliance obligations is something we like to highlight as a family-owned business. We have proven this with our Hunter Safety Awards submissions and commitment to creating a safe workplace in the Hunter region.

Each year the Hunter Safety Awards highlight the work of businesses and individuals around the Hunter which are striving for better WHS in their workplace.  Last year Carter Heavy Haulage walked away a winner in the Best WHS Management System (SME) category – which inspired us to only try harder this year. Thankfully all the hard work has paid off. Earlier this year we were again announced as Finalists in the same category for 2020. 

A testament to the way we operate and to safety in the Hunter region

Since 2015, Carter Heavy Haulage and Transports’ operations have been centred around a comprehensive and annually reviewed management system that is managed and monitored by our Compliance Manager on a full-time basis.

Our safety management system not only meets but exceeds legislative and regulatory requirements and Australian Standards and Codes of Practices, as well as incorporates industry best practice trends. Leonnie Carter, our Company Secretary, said that putting together these entries each year was a good reminder about the dedication the team put into ensuring the highest standard of service for our clients. 

“We are proud to operate a business that is recognised for the high standards that we have set around safety and compliance. To see that our approach to safety is being recognised in the Hunter and across the transport industry as innovative and leading the way for improvement is important to us. This means that we are kicking some important business goals and putting our people, clients and the wider community first.”

Leonnie Carter

Our people centred approach to safety

CHHT’s operations take into consideration that most of us have loved ones to go home to. This means we continuously look for risks and hazards and find ways to overcome them, so our team does make it home safely every time. This ensures we stay ahead of the game in the Hunter region.

For example, when faced with a law change, a compliance requirement or a gap in knowledge – we make sure it is addressed as soon as practicable. This often means making sure our team and suppliers have all the information they need to do their job safely or providing our clients with the information and service they require to exceed WHS requirements. Our team undergo extensive training and instruction to ensure levels of safety are being exceeded. Plus, we make sure our team feel encouraged and supported in our pursuit towards increasing safety. “We hold regular team Toolbox Talks, with talks being scheduled whenever a hazard, change of work practice or change of compliance requirement is identified. We issue all toolbox records to our workers via email and obtain written acknowledgement of receipt and understanding of matters raised or discussed,” Leonnie said. “The reason we work so tirelessly on these areas is because we value our people. The last thing we want to see is anyone suffering the consequences of poor safety measures, we just want everyone to go home safely at all times.”

What sets us apart in our industry for safety in the Hunter and Australia

A major asset of our business has been our team’s commitment to implementing WHS in the workplace, but also to learning more about it. 

Historically, industry players operated with the “she’ll be right mate” attitude because the industry was not heavily regulated and work health and safety were virtually non-existent. Today times have changed, and the industry and safety requirements are becoming increasingly regulated and monitored which is having an impact on the “industry cowboys”.  To maintain an enviable reputation, you can no-longer stop at ticking the boxes; things must be taken one step further.  

Our team are members of several industry bodies and monitor and review industry trends and practices to ensure that we are aware of and address any areas where we may not have the best practice procedures in place. Company Director, Josh Carter said, “I think it’s important not only as a boss but a friend, to look out for my workers and clients. This seems like a no-brainer to me. “If I can share my knowledge and experience by instructing, training and mentoring others, then I know I’ve done the best I can for our business and the safety of everyone.”

We aspire to be leaders in our field, not for fame or glory, but for the benefit of the people that make Carter Heavy Haulage and Transport a possibility.
Our team hope that through CHHT’s safety management systems and practices everyone we come in contact with can be confident that they are not put at risk by what we do.

industry-leading safety in the Hunter, Carter Heavy Haulage and Transport commits to industry-leading safety in the Hunter, Carter Heavy Haulage

If you would like to learn more about our business, services or wish to learn more about our approach to safety, give us a call on 0412 994 742 or email us today.

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