Why we choose Kenworth for the long haul

Carter Heavy Haulage

Kenworth’s number one mission is to provide the world’s best trucks. And as a company that provides leading transport solutions, it’s no surprise that we’ve developed a strong alliance.

Kenworth trucks, and Carter Heavy Haulage – the perfect partnership!​

From day one, we have chosen to use Kenworth trucks in our business. But our love for these vehicles began much earlier.

Carter Heavy Haulage & Transport Managing Director, Josh Carter has had Kenworth blood running in his veins since he was a boy. With a love for heavy vehicles, Josh was drawn to Kenworth’s miniature trucks. He could often be found with them on his lap when seated up high in his grandfather’s truck.

So, it made sense that after completing school, Josh decided to pursue a career in the trucking industry, and set his sights on working with the best.

Josh landed himself an apprenticeship at Hexham’s Kenworth dealership, and for the next six years, he worked as a permanent heavy vehicle diesel mechanic. It was here where Josh learnt the skills and expertise that enabled him to launch Carter Heavy Haulage in 2013 – and no doubt contributed to him twice being awarded Road Freight NSW Driver of the Year.

“It’s exciting to look back and see the relationship our company has had with Kenworth,” Josh said.

“We are now the proud owners of a full Kenworth fleet. This enables us to provide the absolute best for our clients, with no comprise on quality or safety. Plus, they look absolutely beautiful too!”

“To tick every box, to perform to its full potential, a truck needs to be purpose-built. It needs to be a Kenworth.” 

Kenworth trucks – Australian-made and built to endure

Kenworth, Why we choose Kenworth for the long haul, Carter Heavy Haulage

When asked why we choose Kenworth, we mention their quality craftsmanship.

From start to finish, Kenworth works with you to provide trucks suited to your needs. Thereby reassuring our clients and drivers that our vehicles are fully equipped to handle their loads.  

Kenworth engineers put in the hard yards to ensure their vehicles go the distance. They analyse where the truck will operate, what it will carry, the routes it will follow, and the road conditions.

“Because they are purpose built in Australia for Australian conditions, these trucks operate like a dream,” Josh said.

“When we are on the road for long stretches, we can rely on Kenworth products to stand up to the test better than any other truck brand.”

Also, quality and reliability is guaranteed, and is backed by 24/7 roadside assistance in the rare situation when something does go wrong.

“No other brand in Australia provides this level of after sales service. That’s why we trust Kenworth to be there for us.”

PACCAR Australia – global expertise supporting local suppliers​​

Kenworth, a division of PACCAR Australia, is market leader in heavy duty trucks in Australia. PACCAR Inc, a Six Sigma company, is a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of high-quality light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks

As one of the world’s largest truck manufacturers, they have access to the best of the best. However, Kenworth remain committed to supporting local businesses. The PACCAR Australia supply chain includes over 70 Australian suppliers located across nearly 300 local sites, with the majority made up of Australian-owned companies located in the Melbourne region.

PACCAR have direct access to global research and development programs and vast technical expertise. This allows them to identify the best innovations appropriate to each application, adapt and prove them for local conditions, then bring them to market in their Kenworth vehicles, knowing the technology will stand the test of time.

Since coming to Australia in 1970, Kenworth have produced over 69,000 vehicle – with more than 50 per cent remaining registered and in active service.

Kenworth have made a name for themselves through their world-class vehicles, which are manufactured in their leading production facilities, using a combination of high-tech mechanical and hand assembly. They have been named South East Business of the Year, Victorian Manufacturer of the Year (twice) and were inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2012.

This combination of global resources and local knowledge has enabled their business to remain at the forefront of safety and performance innovation, making them the logical choice for the Carter Heavy Haulage fleet.

Carter Heavy Haulage and Kenworth – a partnership that puts safety first

Kenworth’s award-winning approach can be attributed to their dedication to the finer details. In fact, during assembly, and after, each truck is subject to an exhaustive safety audit. This means that one single truck will go through a thousand different checks before being approved for the road.

The commitment Kenworth have towards continuous improvement, quality, and safety, means that their values align perfectly with Carter Heavy Haulage & Transport, and our dedication to safety. This partnership ensures each of our staff and clients return home safely each day.

Not only does our fleet of Kenworth trucks (and compatible trailers and floats) give us the flexibility to complete a wide range of jobs within many industries. They also enable us to meet the requirements of operating across many states and territories.

Our fleet includes:

–  T900 Legend: as the king of our fleet, this is our most versatile operator. Applicable to a range of industries and built to withstand a range of Australian conditions. GCM capacity of 163.5 tonnes.

–  T409 SAR: suited to highway operations, with a GCM capacity of 106 tonnes

–  K200: ideally configured t handle B-Double and B-Triple applications. GCM capacity of 106 tonnes.

–  K104: designed to operate a single trailer, B-double, and B-triple applications. Perfect for twin steer operations for mining sites, heavy logging other specialist applications. GCM capacity of 97 tonnes.

–  T609: suited to highway applications and multiple trailer combinations. GCM capacity of 106 tonnes.

–  T359: designed with a built tilt tray featuring twin steer axles. Perfect for metro and inter-state applications. GCM capacity of 13 tonnes.

Note: some trailer/truck configurations require certain permits. If you have any questions, please talk to our team.

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