Aussie truckies – our essential workers

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Truckies keep Australia moving – it’s more than just a catchy bumper sticker slogan!

When thinking of essential workers, the mind naturally goes to those in the health profession. The incredible scientists, doctors and nurses working tirelessly to treat the sick and to hopefully find a cure for COVID-19.

But what about our other unsung heroes? 

Truck drivers may not be the first to spring to mind…but they truly are essential to the way of life we all enjoy – even during isolation. 
We’d like to take a minute to celebrate the transport industry, and it’s amazing drivers.

So how do truck drivers keep Australia moving?

When there’s a crisis, what do we need? Supplies. How do we get them? Trucks!

Truck drivers work alongside emergency support workers during floods, fires and natural disasters – providing access to essential items for those in need. COVID-19 is no different. 

The food (and toilet paper!) you get from your local supermarket, the groceries delivered to your elderly neighbour who can’t leave home, and the puzzles and board games you bought online to entertain the kids were all delivered by truck drivers.

And what about our other essential services? 

Hospitals need medical supplies to treat patients, farmers need to transport goods, construction workers need timber and steel to complete homes, and the transport of heavy equipment and machinery is crucial to many businesses that support our nation.

With travel restrictions in place, and many of us working from home, our cars are being left in the garage for days at a time. This reduction in traffic has allowed the government to increase its investment in works to improve our roads. Due to the nature of this work, these industries need access to a range of trucks which can transport the materials to and from sites. 

This is where Carter excel – specialising in the transport of bitumen for road works. Our trucks perfectly equipped for the job, ensuring workers have the equipment they need on-site to complete the job on time and on budget, with minimal downtime.

Without the efforts of drivers, many of the goods and services that are vital to our health and well-being would simply be unreachable. By supporting the community in these ways, truck drivers can provide a glimmer of hope in times of uncertainty. Their commitment and hard work is what puts food on our plates, and keeps other everyday items such as toiletries and entertainment supplies available to every household, quite literally. 

An insight into our Aussie truck drivers

For truck drivers like those who work with us at Carter Heavy Haulage, their work is their passion. Many of the drivers we know choose this lifestyle through a dedication to safe transport and helping everyday Australians behind-the-scenes.

This lifestyle isn’t easy though. 

Truck drivers work 365 days a year, often putting the needs of the nation before their own. While most of us enjoyed a much- needed Easter long weekend, many drivers were still on the roads, restocking our stores and delivering construction materials so that other essential services can continue. Many of our drivers spend days, even weeks, away from their families – willingly fore-going special occasions in order to meet their work obligations.  
This is something we recognise at Carter Heavy Haulage , and is why we dedicate our time to supporting our truck drivers personally. 

Isolation for many Australians looks like containment in a four-bedroom home with a back yard, pool and maybe a BBQ. For our truck drivers, this is a slightly different image. They are often restricted to the cab of their truck, which acts as their place of work and a resting spot, and can face some less than glamorous conditions on the road.

It’s not an easy lifestyle, but it’s special to each of our drivers. As the unsung heroes of our nation, we are proud of the work they do every day at Carter Heavy Haulage and across the transport industry.

Giving thanks to Australia’s unsung heroes

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This is a difficult time for many, and as our most recent blog covered, it can take its toll on truck drivers mental health. 

As our truck drivers continue with deliveries and transportation, we hope you stand in solidarity with these workers. By expressing your thanks and support, you can make all the difference.

As a driver himself, our founder Josh has expressed his love for life on the road.

“It’s been difficult taking a step back recently, but I’m grateful to be a part of an essential industry, which provides services that are highly valued by our clients. I’m also proud to be in a position where I can continue working and supporting our staff, clients and the wider community. I grew up in the transport industry and it’s an honour to steer the Carter team.”

“My passion will always be spending time on the road, seeing our beautiful country from behind the wheel. Under the circumstances, I’ve been spending more time in the office. I miss driving, and catching up with colleagues while out on the road.”

Josh Carter

Whilst we may never see our drivers in the news for their unwavering efforts as an essential service, we as an industry acknowledge that our nation would come to a stand still without the men and women on our roads

Thank you for your efforts and most importantly, keep on truckin’! 
If you’d like to learn more about truck drivers and the vehicles behind Carter Heavy Haulage, get in touch with us today. 

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