Prioritising customers with new accreditation recognition

Carter Heavy Haulage

The Carter Heavy Haulage team are always focused on improving day-to-day operations. We are actively seeking new ways to do things, searching for safer, smarter alternatives that benefit our customers. This year, we were able to formalise these efforts with industry recognition. We’re so proud to share the news of our National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Main Roads Western Australia accreditation with you. 

Our new accreditation

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Main Roads Western Australia accreditation offers recognition in a whole range of areas. Carter was acknowledged for:

  • NHVAS Mass Management
  • NHVAS Maintenance Management
  • NHVAS Basic Fatigue Management
  • WAHVA Fatigue Management
  • WAHVA Maintenance Management
  • WAHVA Dimension and Loading

We’re stoked our team were able to band together and harness their combine skills. It’s thanks to their commitment we were able to score recognition for not one, not two, but three types of areas within the two fields. 

How did Carter get accredited?

When we decided to pursue the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Main Roads WA accreditation, we needed to ensure that the mandatory policies and procedures we had in place were effective. 

They needed to demonstrate our team’s ability to manage risk, ensuring the safety of people who operate under such structures. We also needed to show how specific individual responsibilities are enforced alongside correct training and relevant qualifications.

We were required to demonstrate the development, implementation and maintenance of detailed operational safety policies and procedures and ensure that detailed recording keeping and compliance reporting are all maintained.

Carter also needed to prove our business’ compliance with Western Australia legislation and regulations. Detailed record-keeping, as well as monthly and quarterly compliance reports, were required. Audits were carried out by accredited external auditors, as well as external auditing on a regular basis, and continued monthly reporting.  

What this means to our team

Having this industry recognition is a real game-changer for the Carter family. Our Company Secretary, Leonnie, is overjoyed with the news. 

“It’s extremely satisfying that we were able to obtain this accreditation! It keeps us responsible for our obligations as a transport company.”

Donna – Safety and Compliance Manager

Getting feedback from the external auditor will really help us continue along the right path. We now know that our policies and practices are second to none. Plus, the new accreditation means Carter is now able to offer unrestricted service to local clients who need transportation in and out of Western Australia,” she explained. 

We are now able to take on additional work as an independent contractor. This really streamlines our services, as opposed to our former status as a subcontractor working on behalf of a principal contractor.

Safety first

Not only is it a big win for the business side of things, but the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Main Roads WA accreditation means we’re approaching safety in the best way possible.

“We have taken responsibility for safety in the workplace. Our team is able to identify risks and minimise accidents among themselves and the community,” Leonnie added.

Obtaining and maintaining accreditation demonstrates that a business has identified their specific risks and implemented controls to manage them. For Carter, we were able to show how we deal with problems such as fatigue, maintenance, mass, dimensions and load restraint, and training and qualifications. These risks are common throughout the industry, and failure to manage them is often the root cause of accidents on the road. Upholding this accreditation allows industry players to be more conscious of the day-to-day operation of their business, making them more inclined to ensure important measures don’t fall by the wayside. 

With the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Main Roads WA accreditation, drivers are not tempted in any way to exceed the allowable fatigue management guidelines. This, in turn, flows on to the overall standard and reputation of not only the individual business but the transport industry as a whole.

For all your heavy haulage needs, get it touch with the team who has unlimited transport access to Western Australia. 

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