How we’ve responded to increased demand for transport solutions in the Hunter region

Carter Heavy Haulage

As a leader in heavy haulage and transport solutions in the Hunter region and beyond, we hold ourselves accountable to meet the needs of Australian businesses and industries.

Last year, we saw the demand for this more than ever. Our clients needed support to transport bigger and heavier machinery – further than ever before. And this requirement kept on coming well into 2022.

To keep up the support and delivery on capacity, we knew our fleet needed to grow too.

Expanding our fleet to improve transport services in the Hunter region

“For us, the solution was simple. To keep up with demand and continue providing quality heavy haulage and transport services, we needed a bigger fleet,” Company Secretary, Leonnie Carter said.

“The difficulty with expanding a fleet is the lead time. When you place a truck order, there is an estimated 18 month wait. Which is why we had to make sure we were planning ahead.

“Last year, amid COVID lockdowns, we were talking with our Kenworth and Drake partners to organise the addition of three trucks to our fleet. And, we are already having conversations about the trailers and trucks needed for the next five years.”

“If a tradie didn’t have the tools they needed for 18 months, they’d be out of work. We couldn’t afford to wait. And neither could our clients. Thanks to this partnership, and our increased capacity, we have been able to provide even greater support to our local and interstate clients.”

Partnering with the best of the best

With the expansion of our fleet, we are continuing our growth in the Hunter transport industry. And this growth not only serves us but helps other businesses and industries grow in the region.

Instead of being forced to decline jobs due to capacity limitations, we’re thrilled that we can continue to say yes – thanks to our expanded range of trailer and truck modifications which meet the requirements for larger loads.

We recently added the Kenworth 659 and Drake 8 x 8 Platform Trailer to our fleet, and we have another two trailers on order.

With the Drake 8 x 8 Platform Trailer we will have the ability to carry heavier loads that meet our clients needs. Another benefit is that Drake trailers are highly maneuverable on the road. This means we can not only carry heavier loads, but also access a range of industry sites without any issues.

“Drake have not only thought about our drivers but have also thought about our clients. They value their people, and it shows in their craftmanship. We are thrilled to work with a team who value this as much as we do,” Managing Director, Josh Carter said.

The Kenworth 659 has the power to be retrofitted for multiple configurations. Its exceptional safety performance also means it’s one of the most versatile and reliable trucks for both on and off road needs – making it the perfect choice for Australian roads and drivers.

“It’s important to us that we partner with the best in the industry. It also helps when they align with our values. Both Kenworth and Drake have a long and respected history that all started with family, so we feel like we’re on the same page when it comes to how we operate,” Josh continued.

“Our fleet of trucks have all been custom built by Kenworth Australia and designed by myself in consultation with Ray Williams from the Kenworth team. This has allowed us to increase our capacity and meet ever growing demands. We now have the capacity to transport up to 130 tonnes.”

The dynamic partnership between ourselves, Kenworth and Drake ensure we can be a one-stop-shop for all the heavy haulage and transport needs of local industries.

This relationship has been a long one in the making, with Josh having built a strong connection to Kenworth early in his career. Since obtaining an apprenticeship with Kenworth as a heavy vehicle’s diesel mechanic in Hexham, Josh has never looked back.

It’s partnerships like these that make us feel at home with brands such as Drake and Kenworth.

“We treat our clients like family, with a focus on supporting their needs and helping their business to grow as part of an ever-evolving Hunter region. As our business has expanded, our capabilities have too!

“But none of that is any good if no one knows… so we feel it’s important to keep our network updated on the services we now provide which we may not have in the past. This is why we’re so excited to showcase our growing fleet, and to open ourselves up to questions too.”

Curious about what we do? Keen to work with a team who have your Hunter transport needs covered? We are here for you.

Explore your heavy haulage options with us today.

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