NHVR choose Carter Heavy Haulage for industry safety insights and improvements

Carter Heavy Haulage

You may have recently seen a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) car outside our Rutherford headquarters. A regulatory visit can sometimes signal that something has gone awry. But, we promise, there is only good news here!

In fact, when NHVR Engagement Specialist, Tim Hansen visited us, he was there to gather our transport safety standard insights and recommendations about regulations in Australia. 

Tim Hansen manages relations with local government and industry stakeholders to review and improve safety regulations for NHVR in NSW and the ACT. He is an experienced policy, engagement, and communication professional. He is also passionate about driving sustainable improvement to safety, productivity, and efficiency outcomes across the Australian heavy vehicle transport sector.

Our team was thrilled that he chose to seek our insights on these matters.

NHVR’s pick in the Hunter for safety leadership

Our Managing Director, Josh Carter, said Tim’s visit was informative and productive, with many important safety topics discussed.

“Speaking with Tim was rewarding for us, not only as a transport company but as a company that’s proud to be leaders in safety,” Josh said.

“Tim was invested in listening to our perspective and taking on board our thoughts and ideas about transport safety in Australia. He gave us the opportunity to speak about many important areas for improvement. And we based this on our own experience as a heavy haulage company.”

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • Gaps in the network for the Hunter Valley Notice
  • An envelope approach for road making equipment
  • Inclusion for Oversize and/or Overmass (OSOM) vehicles to use on specific roads around Raymond Terrace and Wallsend that are not currently approved
  • Clarification around the telematics conditions box on the Class 1 operator’s guide
  • Exploration of off-route flexibility for Higher Mass Limits (HML)

“We covered a lot of ground, and we hope our contributions lead to even better regulatory standards,” Josh said.

The meeting also included our Company Secretary, Leonnie, and Safety and Compliance Manager, Donna. Both contributed their ideas and insights from the perspective of our clients and drivers.

“We are really proud to have an NHVR representative choose to visit Carter Heavy Haulage and Transport. In particular, we appreciate that he took our feedback on activities undertaken by the NHVR and potential future improvements for our industry operators.  It also proves that our industry standing is respected and reputable,” Josh concluded.

You can learn more about our award-winning safety practices here.

Or, contact us today if you’d like to learn more about the safety measures we apply to all our jobs.

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