Expanding our fleet and capacity with The Drake Group

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Expanding our fleet and capacity with The Drake Group

We’re excited to begin 2021 with a new addition to our fleet – the 5×8 Swing Wing trailer from The Drake Group!

By adding this state of the art trailer to our fleet, we can ensure that our company provides the haulage capability of a large commercial enterprise, while still retaining the personal touch of a community focused small business.

In line with our company ethos, we have specifically chosen to partner with The Drake Group. Not only for their quality craftsmanship, but because we care about supporting Australian businesses.

The Rolls Royce of heavy haulage

The Drake Group’s 5×8 Swing Wing trailer takes our transport capacity to the next level. With an array of exciting features, this trailer offers more tailored options that suit a variety of heavy haulage needs.  

Some of these features include:

  • Stainless steel hydraulic tubing,
  • Hydraulic controlled ramps,
  • 6.5 horsepower electric remote start hydraulic power pack,
  • Dunnage trays and lockable tool boxes,
  • LED lighting; and
  • A range of customisable additional options depending on the client’s needs.

The highlight of this trailer, however, is the drop well floor. With this additional feature, we can transport larger and heavier items to and from a range of locations in Australia.

Our Managing Director, Josh Carter, said the new trailer is built to service both big and small jobs, and can easily be customised for a range of applications.

“Instead of being limited to trailers with a deck height of a metre, we now have the option of 750mm. Therefore, we have the capability to carry a wider range of larger equipment,” he said.

“Where we were once only able to transport equipment that was around 4 metres high, we can now transport up to 4.4 metres high. This makes a huge difference, especially with the rise in demand for the transportation of bigger equipment.”

No longer limited to height and size, we can now support our clients with the transportation of up to 98 tonnes of equipment.

Meeting supply and demand in the Hunter

Why did we choose to invest in such a big trailer? The main reason is supply and demand.

As a proud small business providing heavy haulage and transport in the Hunter, we are always looking for ways to grow and evolve to best meet our clients’ needs.

“We noticed that customer requirements were changing. Equipment is getting heavier, and larger. So, we chose to invest in a trailer that we knew could accommodate them,” Josh said.

“A lot of customers with hire equipment need a tailored heavy haulage solution. This has always been our specialty. But now we can provide more value and options on top of our existing vehicle/trailer fleet.

“With the Drake 5×8 trailer, we are staying true to our original goal of being able to provide an end-to-end solution for our clients.”.

Our relationship with The Drake Group

Since 2013, we have made a consistent effort to support Australian manufacturers. Therefore the decision to work with The Drake Group was a no-brainer. With over 100 years of experience, Drake understand and commit to the needs of Australian consumers.

Dedicated to not only ensuring quality in everything they make, The Drake Group continuously look for ways to improve and innovate. It is this drive for success and growth that has seen us come back every year to invest in a new Drake product.

This relationship has been made stronger over the years, thanks to our special bond with Byron Foss and Sam Drake.

As a third-generation member of the Drake Group, Sam not only understands how to provide solutions to a range of product queries as Drake’s Business Development Manager but also demonstrates the same personal values of a family business that we do at Carter Heavy Haulage.

In addition, Byron Foss, who oversees Trailer Sales, has made each business interaction a breeze. Whenever we have had any enquiry or need for a trailer part, Drake’s customer service has been second to none. All it takes is a quick phone call and we have a solution – meaning we can in turn maintain fast turn arounds for our own clients.

“Our relationship with Drake has always been about much more than finding the perfect equipment. It’s also been about fostering strong professional relationships and supporting the Australian manufacturing and transport industries,” Josh said.

“We understand, especially in the last year, how important it is to support local. We’ve seen the strain these businesses have had to face, and if we can do our part to keep things ticking along, then we will do what we can.”

“Ultimately, I can’t fault the guys at The Drake Group. They are  great to deal with. We’ve struck up a really good relationship with them and we will continue to work with them well into the future.”

Support the Australian industry by choosing Carter Heavy Haulage for all your transportation needs. Get in touch today to discover how we can deliver your equipment – no matter how big or small the size.

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